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IBF 100

The Ion Beam Figuring Plant – IBF 100 – is a procedural plant for nanometer exact correction of small surfaces.

The IBF 100 is a consistent advancement of our bigger plants IBF 300, IBF 450 and IBF 700. The last mentioned plants are sold with great success for nearly 25 years. They are used in the high-end-processing of  predominantly large shaped optical parts (PV-value <λ/100, λ=633nm – rms-values <1nm – lenses for stepper objectives in the semiconductor production). However, the IBF 100 has been developed to optimize surfaces of small shaped parts within shortest time from PV values in the range of­ λ/5 as input parameter to λ/10 and better. Special attention has turned to short length of cycles.

Parts with a diameter of 5-70mm, a max. part thickness of 45mm and a max. angle of 60° can be treated. The components can be onvex, plane or concave. In principle there are nearly any restrictions for the treatment of geometries within the afore mentioned dimensions.


Plant, complete

length: 1560mm
width: 1300mm
height: 2170mm, incl. superstructural parts
required space

Area: diameter 4m or 3x3m
weight: 1.850kg

Further informations can be downloaded here:

IBF 100

Workpiece data

  • max. diameter: 70mm
  • max. thickness: 45mm incl. support, respectively holder
  • max. contact angle: 60°