NTG Neue Technologien GmbH & Co. KG

UHV chambers

We provide anything but standard.  From Aluminum to stainless steel, from design to finished product, tell us your needs and we accompany you during the complete process.




Cylindrical chambers

These chambers are belonging to the standard type of NTG´s scope of products.

Ranging from a few centimeter up to 2.5meter we can manufacture vacuum chambers equipped with CF-, ISO-K or ISO-KF flanges. A wide range of accesories is available for vacuum chambers too.

Design and construction of the vacuum chamber according to the requirements of our customers down to pressure of p<10-10mbar for different applications.




Rectangular chambers

Your application requires a vacuum chamber that differs from a cylindrical form?

NTG provides customized solutions for this purpose. Our long lasting experience in building vacuum chambers enables us to realize nearly any shape.



Cryo chambers

Your application requires a cryo chamber?

Again NTG ist the right partner for you.

Long lasting experience in this field are the basis for tailor made solutions. We also can offer the thermal dimensioning of your chamber.


Heating chambers

As counterpart to cryo chambers NTG also provides heating chambers. These types are mainly used to determine the outgassing of different materials under vacuum conditions.

Finit-Element-calculations are an integral part in manufacturing vacuum chambers at NTG. Also baking out and mass spectrometry belong to our expertise.