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High Power CW-RFQs

CW or pulsed. If the averaged power loss on the structure is several kW or more, we enter the high power regime and require an efficient cooling system and rugged RF contacts and shielding.

New developments in high performance RFQs:

  • more efficient cooling system through new production methods
  • Aluminum tank for better heat transport
  • improved RF shielding on feedthroughs.
  • Increased manufacturing precision and thus improved efficiency (shunt impedance)


First test results on a 4-stem model are available. More than 100 kW / m (90 kV electrode voltage) were reached. On basis of these experiences, the MYRRHA RFQ was developed, a 4 m long 1.5 MeV / u accelerator for cw proton operation at 5 mA. The production including adjustment and high-frequency adjustment were carried out at NTG.


Most recent example is our MYRRHA RFQ which is part of the accelerator chain dedicated for the conversion of radioactive waste. This project is under the direction of the SCK CEN within the framework of the European funding program MYRTE. The 4 m long aluminum vacuum tank includes an almost 4 m long 4-rod resonator structure of 176.1 MHz. It accelerates protons to 1.5 MeV with an electrode voltage of about 40 kV and a power requirement of about 100 kW. The structure was thermally designed to be four times the value of this power. This is in accordance with the high reliability requirements of this project.





The complete report (in german language) from the Tagesschau can be found here:
Belgium-Research Reactor-MYRRHA