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NTG Neue Technologien GmbH is a worldwide operating mechanical engineering company located in the heart of the european Union. Made in Germany is not just an empty phrase for us. No difference if simple job order parts or complex procedural plants, everything is manufactured inhouse.

Latest News:

IBF Job order production – Example Vacuum Window

Diffusion-bonded vacuum windows can exhibit severe deformation and stress after finishing. However, special applications require a high optical quality with diffraction-limited resolution. Mechanical post-processing or polishing of the optical window is not possible...

Unser MYRRHA RFQ im Fernsehen

It was developed as part of the accelerator chain for the eponymous project for the conversion of radioactive fission products under the leadership of SCK CEN as part of the European funding programme MYRTE. The 4 m long vacuum tank made of aluminium houses a 4-rod...

Bimetal CF-cubes

CF cubes are often used for special applications in the UHV sector. Since aluminum is becoming increasingly popular in the vacuum industry due to its very low outgassing rate, low magnetizability and very good machinability, our bimetallic CF cubes can be applied...

4D emittance measurements with the ROSE system

Complete ROSE System available at NTG under license of GSIThe detector system ROSE, allowing to perform 4D emittance measurements on heavy ion beams independent of their energy and time structure, has been built and successfully commissioned in 2016 at GSI in...

Vacuum Brazing Furnace – ceramics-metal joints

NTG has fulfilled a long-cherished dream with the purchase of a vacuum brazing furnace. Our new addition to the machine park goes by the name of XVAC 4374, was created by the company XERION and follows the principle of a bell furnace. We enjoy the qualities of a very...

Just spend a few minutes to get an overview about our products and services. If you need further informations, don´t hesitate to contact us. Our high skilled team is always at your disposal.


If you need further informations, don´t hesitate to contact us. Our high skilled team is always at your disposal.


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