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NTG Neue Technologien GmbH is a worldwide operating mechanical engineering company located in the heart of the european Union. Made in Germany is not just an empty phrase for us. No difference if simple job order parts or complex procedural plants, everything is manufactured inhouse.

Latest News:

Calibration of Beam Position Monitors (BPM)

In the field of beam diagnostics, a new test method has been established at NTG. For the second time, we are supplying capacitive position probes, in one case Beam Position Monitors and in the other linear-cut Shoeboxes, which have been calibrated by means of a wire...

Bi-metal CF flange connections

DN 63DN 200CF flanges are a standard for UHV applications. They can be heated out and are suitable for pressures less than 1x10-12 mbar. In many cases 1.4301/1.4307 is sufficient, but if higher requirements are needed, e.g. regarding material strength or lowest...

Obituary for our esteemed colleague Dr. Peter Strehl

Last Wednesday we received the news of the sudden death of our esteemed colleague and consultant Dr. Peter Strehl. For decades, Dr. Strehl was in close contact with NTG through his many professional positions and functions. In 2011 NTG had taken over the company PET,...

IBF 700R for large format optics

The IBF 700R was designed for processing large-format optics. The compact design requires minimal space. As with all systems in the R series, this system is supplied without an loadlock; however, thanks to an innovative pump concept including a Meissner trap with...

NTG at tumor therapy

A veteran of accelerator technology is currently with us for initial service work after 15 years and approx. 100,000 hours of continuous operation in clinical use for the treatment of tumour diseases with heavy ion beams. More precisely, it is a radiofrequency...

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If you need further informations, don´t hesitate to contact us. Our high skilled team is always at your disposal.


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