NTG Neue Technologien GmbH & Co. KG


We develop and manufacture many things others aren´t willing or aren´t able to do.

Customised products are an especiality of NTG. NTG can help you to design resp. to realize a new idea.
NTG is your right partner to manufacture prototypes or other unique parts.

Tell us your requirement and we try to find a solution.
Following please find some samples of unique custom made products in different fields.


Since 2005 NTG is involved in the development of petrochemical plants. We entered this business with the so called SulphCo-plants which brought NTG into the focus of international stock traders.

In the meantime NTG was resp. is involved in further projects concerning petrochemical processes. Actually results can not be released due to different reasons.


Nuclear technology

Nuclear technology is the oldest category in NTG´s choice. In the 80´s nearly 100% of the yearly turnover was generated in this technology. In the end of the 80´s more and more alternative products were demanded combined with a reorientation of NTG. NTG gave up maintenance works in nuclear power plants and acts today only as a supplier of components.

Nowadays the nuclear technology at NTG is limited to a handful of customers and mainly on design and manufacturing of handling tools.

The last two important projects in the nuclear technology business were a water hydraulic press and beam shutter for the Research reactor FRM-II in Garching.

NTG is an authorized supplier according to KTA 1401 and still has the know how to develop and manufacture parts or complete plants for nuclear technology applications.


Aerospace technology

Profound knowledge in Aluminum treatment and special materials are the key competences which are required in this field. NTG comprises about it and acts as a reliable partner of renowned companies.

Taylor made sytems

Customised products are an especiality of NTG. Design, manufacture, assembly and commissioning each part can be covered.