The Company
Monday, 11. December 2017

Since 1968 NTG Neue Technologien GmbH & Co. KG is an innovative designer and manufacturer of products for mechanical engineering, special machines and appliances. Located in the Frankfurt/Main area, actually approx. 85 employees are working at NTG. NTG co-operates successfully with customers in industry and research. Our activities concentrate on design, manufacturing,assembly and commissioning of parts or complete plants mainly in the fields of:


  • Ion Beam Figuring (IBF) plants for surface finishing of high precision optics in various diameter ranges.

Vacuum technology

  • Vacuum chambers for different purposes
  • UHV-high precision Linear feedthroughs (motor driven)
  • UHV-economic linear feedthroughs (compressed air actuated)

Particle Accelerators

  • Particle Accelerators for Proton and heavy ion´s
  • RFQ (Radio Frequency Quadrupol) particle accelerators
  • IH (Interdigital-H) Resonator
  • Rebuncher and debuncher cavities for particle accelerators
  • Beam diagnostic devices for ion beams
  • Components for synchrotron radiation beam diagnostic devices
  • Beam Emittance Analyzer BEA
  • Beam profile measuring systems (profile grids)
  • Faraday cups
  • Capacitive pick ups
  • Slit units
  • X-ray beam position monitors

Petrochemical plants

  • Plants for desulfuration and upgrading of crude oil nuclear power plants
  • Handling-tools and devices
  • Complete procedural plants
  • Remote controlled manipulators

Pressure vessels

  • Pressure vessels according to AD 2000-Merkblatt HP0 in combination with DIN-EN 729. Beside this NTG is a reliable partner of well known companies in the field of

Job order production

  • Welding, milling and turning of metal workpieces.
  • Milling and turning of non-metal workpieces

NTG's production equipment is according to the high requested standard and is added by our production independent and TÜV-authorized Quality Control Department. It is equipped with 3D gauging machines (Wenzel, FARO-Gage, etc.). All processes are controlled by an ERP-System. We dispose of valid approvals according to HP0 and DIN/ISO 9001 as well as KTA 1401 and SVTI. Our technical engineering and project planning team is provided with the following 3D-CAD and CAM System: Mechanical Engineering: Solid Works 2008, Pro Engineer Wildfire, CAM Works Electrical Engineering: VisiWinNET(.net-Interface), TwinCAT or Siemens S7, TreeCAD. NTG is specialized on stainless steel. With our experience and our large feedstock we are able to serve our customer immediately if required.