Tuesday, 21. November 2017


Many experiences we have made with the SARAF-CW-RFQ influenced the new concept for the FRANZ-RFQ. The new design differs a lot in many details. For example the tank is no longer made of stainless steel with copper plating on the inside. Instead, it is made of aluminum with rectangular cross section. The slightly higher rf-losses on the tank are acceptable (there is only approx. 10% of the total power loss on the tank), the advantages of improved heat conductivity are dominating. Main improvements are among others:

- more efficient cooling system

- aluminum tank for better heat conductivity

- improved rf-shieding of feedthroughs

- enhanced manufacturing precition provides more efficiency (shunt impedance)

- easy overall access for service and maintenance.

First results are gained from low level rf-measurements on a 4-stem model. They show a significant improvement of the efficiency (shunt impedance).