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  • 06-2015:
    NTG takes part at the Munich Laser World of photonics
    Informations about our news in the field of IBF and IBE on joint booth with CCUpoB.
  • 05-2015:
    NTG takes part at the 6th International Particel Accelerator Conference in Richmond, VA, USA Presentation of our latest developments in the field of accelerator construction.
  • NTG takes part at the Conference of the DGaO German Society for Applied Optics in Brünn Lecture about Ion Beam Processing for High Performance Diamond Optics
  • 03-2015:
    NTG takes part at the 7th HLEM – Asphere Metrology Asphere on Joint Investigations
    High-ranking expert meeting at the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt in Braunschweig on the subject of aspheric measurement and free-form measurement technology.
    The lenses / optics used for the comparative aspherical measurements were manufactured with the support of our latest IBF processing technology.


  • 09-2014:
    NTG takes part at the LINAC14 in Geneva and informs about our news in the field of accelerators, beam diagnostics and ceramic components.
  • 06-2014:
    On Sale area with unique offers available with immediate effect on homepage.
  • Optomek – the new partner of NTG in Turkey
  • NTG takes part at the IPAC14 in Dresden and informs about our news in the field of accelerators, beam diagnostics and ceramic components.
  • 05-2014:
    NTG takes part at Optatec in Frankfurt
    Nanotechnology Competence Center Joint Stand (CCUpoB) and informs about news in IBF technology.
  • 04-2014:
    Experience the world’s first IBF 2000 live. Interested Optatec visitors can combine their visit to the fair with the shuttle service specially set up for this purpose.
  • 03-2014:
    NTG expands production capacity.
  • 02-2014:
    NTG expands IBF laboratory with atomic force microscope and white light interferometer.
  • 01-2014:
    The 4-support model of the 175 MHz CW-RFQ as prototype for the FRANZ-RFQ has been tested with high performance since the end of last year and has already reached a stable level of 100 kW/m after only a few operating hours. Together with the IAP of the University of Frankfurt we are happy about this great success.


  • 03-2013:
    NTG presents high performance surface technology at JSPE Symposium in Tokyo
  • NTG wins IBF “Competition”. A well-known German company, supported by the IOM in Leipzig, held a competition among three potential suppliers of IBF technology this year. All had to fulfil the same tasks. NTG is proud to have won this competition before the official closing. We see this as a further confirmation of the intensive research and development work in the company.
  • We invite you to the first IBF-Workshop at NTG. Here you will learn more about the theoretical basics of ion beam processing. In addition, you will learn the practical use of the technology during the interferometric measurement and the processing of substrates on one of our IBF systems.


  • 09-2012:
    NTG takes part at the Laser World of Photonics India in Mumbay

  • NTG takes part at the 1st Wetzlar Autumn Conference “Modern Optical Production”.

  • Research project on innovative plasma technology started.

  • NTG expands its machinery.

  • NTG wins MedAustron contract to manufacture metal-ceramic chambers for ion therapy center.

  • NTG publication “NEW APPROACHES IN HIGH POWER RFQ TECHNOLOGY” from IAPAC2011 now online.

  • 06-2012:
    BMBF research project launched

  • NTG expands its machine park
    With the acquisition of the CNC lathe Iberimex-Geminis and the 5-axis portal machining center DMC 210 FD from DMG, NTG considerably expands its production capacity. In the future, components up to a unit weight of 4t can be milled and turned up to a diameter of 2.5m in one clamping.

  • 05-2012:
    A joint project – a cooperation between three companies and two institutes – was launched under the name “SHAPION”, which is developing a new process for the production of microoptical surfaces. It is based on a plasma etching process in which the 4th aggregate state (plasma = ionized gas) is used.

  • NTG takes part at the accelerator conference IPAC2012 in New Orleans

  • Vacuum Technology: NTG has significantly improved its vacuum technology capabilities with a new test bench. Depending on the test object and surface treatment, tests in the good 10e-11 mbar range are now possible.

  • NTG takes part at the UPOB joint stand at Optatec in Frankfurt and informs about the latest developments in IBF technology.

  • 01-2012:
    NTG from 1 January 2012 Member of the Competence Network Optical Technologies Hessen/Rheinland-Pfalz: Optence-e.V.


  • 05-2011:
    NTG takes part at the Laser World of Photonics in Munich from, joint booth with CCUPOB.
  • 05-2011:
    NTG takes part at the Laser World of Photonics China in Shanghai
  • 01-2011:
    NTG takes part at the Photonics-West Conference in San Francisco


  • 11-2010:
    NTG takes part at the euspen-Conference “Manufacturing Technologies to support Large Science Projects” in Paris
  • 09-2010:
    NTG is represented at the LINAC10 Industrial Exhibition in Tsukuba, Japan
  • NTG takes part at the CIOE in Shenzen, China
  • NTG presents new advertising brochure – NTG at a glance
  • NTG inaugurates new interferometer
  • 07-2010:
    NTG inaugurates interferometer
    The inauguration of the new 4″(&6″) Zygo Verifire AT+ -Fizeau interferometer has recently been completed. Thus the chain closes to be able to use the full extent of the IBF processing in the house. With immediate effect we are able to quickly develop solutions for the processing of substrates and to implement further developments on the IBF machines.
  • 06-2010:
    NTG presents IBF-100 system at Optatec 2010 in Frankfurt – joint stand Nanotech Competence Center.
  • 05-2010:
    NTG takes part at the OPTATEC in Frankfurt and presents IBF 100 and the new IBF 1500 machine for processing large format mirrors.
  • 04-2010:
    NTG takes part at the AOMATT in Dalian
  • NTG expands manufacturing capacity.



  • 07-2009:
    NTG expands production capacity
    Work has recently begun on the new approx. 400 sqm assembly hall. As an extension to the existing assembly hall, the new building serves the purpose of achieving a complete separation between contract manufacturing parts and systems or components for our high-tech applications.
    NTG thus meets the increased requirements of our customers in the field of high vacuum technology with regard to the cleanliness of assembly surfaces.
    In connection with the new construction of the assembly hall there is also an extensive conversion of the existing assembly hall. The sealing of the hall floor as well as the integration of a clean room and the installation of an interferometer should be mentioned here.
    NTG is thus setting the course for a successful future in economically difficult times.
  • 06-2009:
    Presentation IBF-100 system at LASER World of Photonics 2009 joint booth with CCUPOB
    For the first time interested parties can get a live impression of the possibilities of IBF technology in practice.
  • 03-2009:
    203,73 KWp – Photovoltaic plant
    At the beginning of October 2007, extensive renovation work began on the NTG main building. As the existing roof did not meet NTG’s thermal or ecological requirements, the existing Eternit roof was replaced by roof elements with an integrated insulation layer.

    In the course of these renovation measures, a photovoltaic system was installed at the same time. 1116 solar modules with a total output of 203.73 KWp are working on a roof area of almost 2500qm. The plant is to generate 185000 KWh of electricity in the year. This corresponds to the annual demand of approx. 50 average households.

    With an annual carbon dioxide saving of almost 100 tons, we are making an active contribution to climate protection. For us, this investment also means a clear commitment to the Gelnhausen-Hailer site. We do not follow the general trend of relocating production to Eastern Europe or Asia, but will continue to pursue the goal of developing and manufacturing high technology in the Main-Kinzig district.

    The plant has been in operation since 11 December 2008. You will soon be able to view the yield of the plant on our homepage. On 31.03.2009 the 1000kWh limit was exceeded for the first time and the previous peak value of 1022kWh was reached.