We look back on an exciting year – following the highlights of the last 18 month in short version:

12-2017: NTG awards contract for IBF 200 from German customer

12-2017: NTG awards contract for IBF 700R from Belgium customer

11-2017: NTG delivers two IBF 500 plants

11-2017: NTG delivers one IBF 350RE to Fraunhofer Institute IOF in Jena

11-2017: NTG delivers one IBF 1500R to a french customer

10-2017: NTG awards contract for two IBF 200

09-2017: NTG wins the EU-tender for manufacturing of the “Vacuum System for L3 and L4 Beam Distribution – separate Part No. 1 Vacuum System for L3 Beam Distribution” for ELI Beamline in Prague. The contract includes the supply of 26 vacuum chambers and approx. 200m DN 500pipe sections.

03-2017: NTG enlarges production facility with a Deckel Maho DMU 80 monoblock milling machine.

01-2017: NTG delivers RFQ-particle accelerator for MYRRHA-Project

12-2016: NTG delivers one IBF 500 plant

12-2016: NTG awards contract for design and manufacture of the first IBF-Production plant for EUV-mirrors.

11-2016: NTG delivers IBF 700 plant

09-2016: NTG delivers IBF 200 to KOPTI Institute in Korea