We look back on an exciting year. It has passed some time since our last newsblog, but from now one we will announce periodically any important information in and around NTG. Following the highlights of the last 18 month in short version.

12-2017: NTG awards contract for IBF 200 from German customer

12-2017: NTG awards contract for IBF 700R from Belgium customer

11-2017: NTG delivers two IBF 500 plants

11-2017: NTG delivers one IBF 350RE to Fraunhofer Institute IOF in Jena

11-2017: NTG delivers one IBF 1500R to a french customer

10-2017: NTG awards contract for two IBF 200

09-2017: NTG wins the EU-tender for manufacturing of the “Vacuum System for L3 and L4 Beam Distribution – separate Part No. 1 Vacuum System for L3 Beam Distribution” for ELI Beamline in Prague. The contract includes the supply of 26 vacuum chambers and approx. 200m DN 500pipe sections.

03-2017: NTG enlarges production facility with a Deckel Maho DMU 80 monoblock milling machine.

01-2017: NTG delivers RFQ-particle accelerator for MYRRHA-Project

12-2016: NTG delivers one IBF 500 plant

12-2016: NTG awards contract for design and manufacture of the first IBF-Production plant for EUV-mirrors.

11-2016: NTG delivers IBF 700 plant

09-2016: NTG delivers IBF 200 to KOPTI Institute in Korea