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Inspired by the “Main-Kinzig-blüht” nature protection campaign sponsored by the government of Hessen, we began the first step in late summer 2020 with the planting of hedges in 15 different species, which were specifically chosen for the needs of native bird species that will hopefully breed there in great numbers. In addition, with the active help of our first-year apprentices, we have created a wild shrub border for wild bees and butterflies.

200 perennials in over 20 species were planted. Thanks to our shareholder, Mr. Karl Gutmann, who brought several meters of dead wood, not only an insect hotel was created, but a true insect metropolis, which also becomes a living space for small animals.
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In the coming years, we will continue to ensure that the biodiversity in the business park continues to expand on our 5,600 m2 site. We are already looking forward to the first blooming of the wildflower areas.

You can find more information about this project here: Naturschutzkampagne-Hessen