The 11th High Level Expert Meeting (HLEM) will take place from March 16 to 18, 2021.

In order to manufacture ultra-precise and high-tech optical components and to be capable of further miniaturization, reliable and extremely precise measurement technology is required.



Particularly in the field of asphere metrology, many new advancements were achieved,
new measurement procedures were developed and precision was noticeably improved.
Especially the measurement of optical elements with the highest accuracy is anything but trivial.
Hence, only the best manufacturers of measurement technology manage to meet this high

The upcoming conference is all about the following topics:

■ Presentation of the results of the round robin
■ New developments in measuring techniques for aspherical, free-form and cylindrical lenses
■ Manufacturing and measurement of metal optics
■ Measurement of unmounted aspheres
■ Inner centration of aspheres
■ Other topics related to asphere and free-form metrology or production

Download here the current program