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In addition to feasibility studies and process developments, we also carry out IBF contract machining in our laboratory. An IBF200 and in future also an IBF500 are available for this purpose, so that workpieces up to 500mm can be machined. For topography or wavefront measurement, we have a Zygo interferometer with the following objectives: 6″ (plane, f2.2), 4″ f0.75, 25mm f0.58. Of course, customer data can also be used, in which case machining is carried out as “blind” IBF processing.

The picture shows an example of a Zerodur plate. The challenge was to machine 100% of the surface on a best-effort basis. For this purpose, the optics was glued onto a standard holder of the IBF system. To achieve the best possible result, the machining was carried out in two stages: A machining with ~7mm ion beam cross-section to correct the astigmatism and a readjusted fine correction with 2mm. The topography could be improved from PV ~l/5, RMS ~l/25 to PV <l/140, RMS ~l/1700. More info:

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