NTG is also active in the service sector of contract manufacturing in the areas of turning, milling, welding, component assembly and special machine construction. The main focus is on stainless steel and aluminum processing. However, other materials such as titanium, tantalum, inconel, zircaloy, ceramics and plastics can also be processed with our modern machinery.


In the field of turning, we have multi-functional machines, as well as machines for CNC turning, turning-manual, face turning and center turning, allowing us to machine components up to 2,500 mm in diameter and 3,550 mm in length.


In the field of milling, we include CNC controlled and manual boring mills, CNC milling machines with 3, 4 and 5 axes and 5 axis CNC milling machines with rotary option. We can machine components up to 20,000 kg and a size of (X/Y/Z) 7,500 mm x 1,500 mm x 4,000 mm.

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