The production area in Hall 1 of NTG’s main building is brightly illuminated.
288 old fluorescent tubes with conventional ballast (CCG) of 36 watts each and 7 watts of power loss for the CCG have been replaced by 121 new LED luminaires with daylight-dependent control of 53.1 watts each.

With this measure, an annual electricity saving of almost 75,000 kWh can be achieved. In addition to the associated, not inconsiderable cost savings and significantly improved illumination of the production hall, we are also pleased about an annual CO2 reduction of over 20 tons.
With the new LED lighting, we are making another small contribution on our way to energy neutrality. We started this journey in 2009 with the installation of NTG’s own solar plant, which fortunately exceeded the limit of 2 million kilowatt hours generated in 2020. Further steps will follow!