Disorientation in the world of “too much”

The world of unlimited possibilities not only offers freedom, it also provides disorientation.

As a company that provides apprenticeships, we have already noticed for years that this is also becoming apparent in the choice of profession. Where once there were only a few apprenticeship occupations to choose from, new occupational profiles are now emerging almost daily. Which doesn’t necessarily make the decision any easier for young people. The general pressure to perform from outside is also steadily increasing.

The result is that more and more teenager, especially younger children, are getting caught up in the addiction spiral.

In the minds of the “older generation,” the heroin junkie in train station bathrooms is stored as an image of the typical addict, so many parents don’t realise that non-substance-related addictions such as the internet or smart phone addiction, self-expression in social media, eating disorders and shopping addiction also pose a serious danger.

In addition, everything is available at any time due to the worldwide networking. Unfortunately, not only beneficial!

The stimulation or disengagement, through easily available substances on the Internet, is already frighteningly normal for many of our children.

Education is more important than ever!

That is why we are very happy to support the association for “Sucht – und Jugendhilfe e.V.” in financing a specialist guidebook for drug education in schools, which will encourage young people and parents to find out about the dangers of addiction and hopefully provide an impulse to take a different path.

If you would also like to support the future of our children, you can find more information here: Sucht- und Jugendhilfe e.V.