NTG has fulfilled a long-cherished dream with the purchase of a vacuum brazing furnace. Our new addition to the machine park goes by the name of XVAC 4374, was created by the company XERION and follows the principle of a bell furnace. We enjoy the qualities of a very precise overall system that meets the desired specifications, consisting of a vacuum pump system, a double-walled water-cooled boiler with 5 heating zones, a voltage transformers, a control system and a chiller for the heat exchange to the ambient air. The available brazing volume is a vertical cylinder with a diameter of 850 mm and a height of 1000 mm, ideally adapted to the maximum possible dimensions in our ceramic segment. Of course, we do not want to limit the application range of the furnace to ceramics-metal joints only, but think in general of all applications that come into question for this joining process. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Here are the key data:

Inner diameter 850 mm

Usable chamber height 1000 mm

Max. Mass 200 kg

Max. Temperature 1200°C

Temperature homogeneity +/- 2K

Heating elements Molybdenum

Vacuum level ~ 1e-5 mbar