In addition to the previously introduced new developments in the field of ion beam processing and ion sources, our standard ion sources RF40 and RF60 provide excellent service. Both systems are rf-driven ion sources with argon as the standard working gas. By avoiding electrodes in the plasma region, the ion source is very stable over the lifetime and requires less maintenance. The FWHM width of the gaussian ion beam is adjustable in the range from 0.5mm up to 30mm. The peak removal rate is up to 12nm/s with respect to quartz as the material to be processed. Alle values are depending on the selected configuration, which is realized by different extraction system or aperture systems.

To neutralize the charge of the ion beam during processing, a hot cathode neutralization system is used, which emits electrons to compensate the positive charge of the ion beam and prevent charging effects on the surface of the workpiece.

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