Design, fabrication of racks, towers, pipe supports and installation on site

The project involves a vacuum system which will house the assembled high-power rotating mirrors of the 1 petawatt, 30 J, 30 fs, 10 Hz, 820 nm, ELI L3 laser. The laser will be guided from the beam distribution entrance to the experimental areas entirely in vacuum, with up to 18 mirrors, for a distance of up to 107 meters.

The 22 mirror chambers were mounted on extremely rigid and low-vibration frames, towers (up to 7000 kg) and granite blocks (up to 4500 kg). The tube supports were mounted upright and in suspended position. To guarantee maximum rigidity, all wall and floor connections of the frames, towers, granite blocks and pipe supports are grouted with a special mortar. All steel components are painted with ISO7 cleanroom compatible paint and were subsequently cleaned and packaged for ISO7 cleanroom class.

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