It was developed as part of the accelerator chain for the eponymous project for the conversion of radioactive fission products under the leadership of SCK CEN as part of the European funding programme MYRTE. The 4 m long vacuum tank made of aluminium houses a 4-rod resonator structure of almost the same length with a fundamental frequency of 176.1 MHz. It accelerates protons to 1.5 MeV with an electrode voltage of about 40 kV and a power requirement of about 100 kW. The structure was thermally designed for four times this power. This is entirely in line with the high reliability requirements for this project. It meets all specifications and thus forms a solid basis for the subsequent accelerator complex, which is currently under construction. NTG is also involved in this.

The complete report (in german language) from the Tagesschau can be found here: Belgium-Research Reactor-MYRRHA

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